Every journey begins with
a question.

One day back in the fall of 2015, I was struck by how disconnected many people were from themselves and their fellow humans.  Run ragged by stress; overly attached to the digital, and more lonely and anxious than ever. We seemed to have lost our sense of friendship with ourselves and kinship with one another. Who are we? What are we are really searching for? The answers seemed distant. 

I've always believed that the quality of life depends mightily on the quality of questions we ask ourselves. But in our 24/7 comparison culture, what kind of quest were most of us on? Were we asking questions to deepen and expand our sensibilities or just make small talk? And what would be the catalyst for asking these better questions? I came up short. 

Sure, there were loads of "conversation cards" and dinner party prompts, but most fell far short of what I thought to be truly compelling questions. "Who was your childhood best friend?" or "What did you want to be when you were 11?" didn't seem like the kind of questions that would take people into a zone where they might find their own fiercely honest and timely answers.

So I decided to try. Every morning I crafted a question and emailed it out to friends.  A prompt to journal to. A question to share with friends. An inquiry to ponder throughout the work day. As my questioning journey unfolded, I found that I wasn't just trying to ASK a better question, I was actually listening FOR them. Over conversations and coffee, I would be talking with a friend when "the" question would just appear. I was discovering the questions that could better inform and enliven our lives. I named this simple, mindful practice of asking The Daily Q.

Maybe the Q would be that "exhale" for you where your inner answers came to light. Perhaps the Q would spark a more meaningful conversation with friends and colleagues at work. Moms were asking the Qs with their college age kids. Friends were taking them on road trips cross-country. Before I knew it, hundreds of people signed on to get the Daily Q.  Something special had been unleashed. 

Two years, and more than 600 questions later, Q Cards were born. 100 Qs on glossy 3" x 3" black card stock and bound by a metal snap ring. A stack of some of your favorite Qs on such topics as love, mystery, art, creativity, resilience, courage, and play.

Questions designed to take you somewhere new along your personal journey, see yourself through new eyes, and help you create a more intentional, meaningful life. A stack for the modern, curious mind. 

Here's to living the questions - and finding your answers within. You can start with these 25 ways to use the Qs.