Unplug. Ask. And Listen.
A space for listening.

X Factory returns on Friday, April 13, 2018, 7- 9 pm at The Nook Coffee House, East Greenwich, RI for our theme, UNPLUG.  Save your seat here!

Welcome to X Factory. I founded X Factory in 2016 as another antidote to "too much online; too much talking "at", and too much isolation and loneliness in our modern-day world.

X Factory is evening of asking, listening, and sharing. An evening of intergenerational stories and wisdom-sharing for women seeking a deeper, more meaningful way to connect to ourselves and one another.

At X Factory, where you work or what you do is secondary to what you know and what you’ve learned. It's a space that I hope will help us all unearth new ways of seeing and being in the world and in our work.  A place that cultivates not only exciting new social and professional connections, but also provides an experience of discovering collective wisdom. 

A 24/7 work culture combined with endless social media has left us exhausted and bereft of deep and meaningful conversations. 

Typical women’s events are either one-directional (we listen to a talk) or center around exchanging contact info over “what do you do” kind of conversations.  But in today's overly stressed and scheduled world, we don't need another 'networking' event. We need time and space to slow down and reflect - for ourselves - and with others. We need to go deeper.   

X Factory fulfills this need for reconnection and understanding. At X Factory, we meet to explore the question of what it means to be human. X Factory asks: how can we listen to one another more deeply so people feel heard and held? And how can we see ourselves in a clearer, more individuated light, while seeing the values and wisdom we share collectively? 

Held bi-monthly in pop-up venues across the state, each X Factory event centers on a theme (Give, Chance, Beauty, Reach), which is explored by four curated storytellers from different walks of life and followed by small group discussion breakouts. Reflection, writing prompts, and guided questions combine for a deep and new appreciation and understanding of our shared humanity. 

This intriguingly simple, yet profoundly transformative model of community leans on peer-to-peer teaching and reflection, undergirded by principles of appreciative and narrative inquiry, positive psychology, and wisdom traditions (if you really want to know some of the practices behind the curtain;)  But most importantly, it is a life-lightening experience of togetherness.

At any of our gatherings, you may meet a corporate executive sharing stories with an entrepreneur and single mom. A 75-year-old sharing wisdom with a recent college grad. A PhD chemist finding connection with a social worker. These gatherings transcend differences of age, class, race, occupation, religion, economics, geography, and more.

In an era of divisiveness, X Factory is bringing people together in ways that reflect and reveal the best parts of our higher natures. Our love for connection, compassion, understanding, and all the mystery of exploring what it means to be human. 

What they say about X Factory


"A balm for my hurt heart."

"I am encouraged, inspired and connected.”

“Great to have such a connection and reminder of all that is possible.”

“This space could not have been more intimate, more special. I feel connected and awake and encouraged about the future.”

“Such a wonderful connectedness. Loved considering beauty from new perspectives

“I experienced a deep sense of connection and appreciation for everyone present.”

“Great community of like-minded, powerful women. Loved the setting, the speakers, the connectedness.

“An absolute inspiration. You connect hope, dreams, inspiration and art.

"Feeling very connected and received by this community. Just what I needed."

"We are not alone on our paths when we share our authentic selves."

"A beautiful experience. Thank you so much for holding space for all these amazing women to connect."

“I am not alone.”  

Want to Host An X Factory or use X Factory elements in your community?

Are you hosting or curating a community of people who share a common desire to connect, converse, and change their lives for the better? I can help you integrate key elements of the X Factory model into your gathering. Whether you are hosting a real-time group of creatives who met online; creating a workshop or retreat designed around transformation; or bringing together teams of people from across your organization, the story/listening prototypes in X Factory will help you create synergy, connection, and compassion among strangers and friends alike.

It just might be the meeting you've been waiting for. 

X Factory is a copyrighted production of Deb Walsh.

Deb's work centers around creating frameworks of inquiry and inspiration - encouraging people of all ages and paths to explore life more deeply; to dare more greatly, and to live more bravely and meaningfully.

If you're interested in hosting an X Factory in your city, shop or circle of friends, or using Q Cards at your event or gathering, reach out at hello@qcardlife.com or on Twitter @iamdebwalsh.