Photo: Skye Challener

Photo: Skye Challener

25 ways to use the Qs

Q Cards weren't created as a game (you know, with competition, rules, winners, and losers) because when you spark a great conversation with a beautiful question - a question that reveals stories, wisdom, hope, and meaning - everyone wins. So unplug from the tech stuff, grab a stack, and dive into a fresh space. A place to listen, learn, and grow.  

Start with these 25 ways to use the Qs:  

1. Draw a new Q each day to use as a journal prompt
2. Unplug and reflect on a Q for 10 minutes over morning coffee
3. In a group, draw one card and listen deeply to each answer
4. Pass a basket of Qs, each draw a different one to answer
5. Attach a ribbon to a favorite Q to create a unique gift tag
6. Road trip? 100 Qs can cover a lot of miles;) 
7. Get your team deeply connected by sharing their Q stories
8. Leave a basket of loose Qs in your waiting room to delight clients.
9. Unsnap the ring and use the Qs for a tarot reading
10. Download, print and frame Qs to create a gallery wall
11. First date? Swap answers and check that compatibility factor
12. Snap a pic of a Q and send to a friend who needs uplifting
13. Throw down a speed round with friends - see what you learn
14. Tape to your mirror as a reminder and encouragement
15. Draw a card before meditating, then await your answers
16. Record and date your insights on the back of each card
17. Tape a Q into your journal, then free-write your answers
18. Give a stack to someone in transition - empty nester, college grad, new Mom
19. Add Q Card stacks to swag bags at special events
20.  Instagram your Q and tag it #qcardlife.
21. Read a Q before bed and ask your dreams to give you clarity
22. Writing a love letter? Let the Qs guide your message
23. Put Qs on each place setting at dinner or holiday parties
24. Pick one card as your monthly or New Year guiding Q
25. Surprise a stranger: leave a Q on their windshield

Discover another way to use the Qs? I'd love to hear your story. Drop me a message or join us and leave a review at Q Card Life on Facebook.