How might forgiveness lighten your load?


This morning's Q Card asked about forgiveness. And without a moment's pause I knew my answer: self-forgiveness. How often do you pause to think about forgiveness? And how often do you give yourself permission to forgive yourself? 

The noise in our heads can be so debilitating and self-defeating. We judge ourselves  harshly, then judge ourselves again for being hard on ourselves. 

What if we could really turn that inner critic into a loving conversation? How much lighter would the path feel, knowing we were actively striving to gently embrace the imperfection and dissonance that comes with being human? With being fully alive?

It really is a practice, this self-compassion thing. Rilke once said that difficulty is one of the greatest friends of the soul.  But how do we show up in greeting the negative, the challenging, and the conflicted aspects of our all-too-human selves? 

As poet John O'Donohue reminds us, "Everyone has negative within them. One of your sacred duties is to exercise kindness towards them."

InQuire more:  Listen to one of John O'Donohue's last conversations before his untimely death - a conversation with "On Being" host Krista Tippett on a beautiful array of topics including loving ourselves more gently; being one with the natural landscape; and "how the material and the spiritual — the visible and the invisible — intertwine in human experience." One of my favorite conversations ever. Give yourself the gift of a deep listen. 

Debra Walsh