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Life is always asking you a question.

If you slow down enough - turning down the volume on your stress, your fears, your too-many "musts," and the cacophany of digital life - you'll hear its call.  Always asking you to take a closer look, a different chance, a reframed perspective, or maybe the proverbial big leap.  That question is your midwife. A sherpa. A mentor. A muse. Giving you new life. New direction. New support. And new inspiration. 

You feel it when your pulse quickens as something pushes you outside your standard zone, into the land of experimentation and new experience. You feel its drumbeat, propelling you into your next quest for understanding - for change, for evolution, and wisdom. 

What question will spark your next exploration into what it means to be you - in all your wild-ass, unshielded, unhidden greatness?  To unearth the gold shining beneath your time-worn armor? 

What question might give you the courage to approach your own becoming with hope and curiosity and compassion and love? 

What is daring you to become more audacious? More authentically unfettered and free?  

Unplug. Ask. And listen. Your question calls. 

Now jump, unscripted - volume up and windows down - into possibility. 


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Debra Walsh