How will your life be your message?


Our journey unfolds in stages around a continuous wheel that moves us outward, inward, and upward through our life and our understanding of our gifts, talents, and roles in this beautiful realm.

So recently I find myself across a new threshold, and am pausing to honor the return of this cycle by:

  • Noticing again the feelings, emotions, and physical stirrings of this place and time.
  • Looking forward into a realm where new gifts and growth are already showing signs of spring.
  • Looking to past thresholds crossed to remember the humility and grace that accrue when we venture bravely into a deeper understanding of ourselves.
  • Holding old and new travel companions close as brave warriors must.
  • Recalling the mindset of fear/adrenaline/hope that arises in this space.
  • And practicing presence and love right here, right now.

Because someday this day will be an adventure to remember. When nothing was certain except the certainty that it had to go forward with courage, power, and heart.

I pulled this question today and placed these totems around it in the four directions.

Strength in the East; heart in the South; courage in the West; and Power in the North.  Never forget you are always surrounded by love and companionship and courage.

Call in your support, strike out in new directions, and let your life be your message. 

Debra Walsh