Hey there! I'm Deb.

I'm Deb Walsh, a writer, event producer and creative whose various endeavors have included arts and special events production; marketing and communications across a wide space of non-profits and companies; intimate conversation salons and personal development workshops, and a broad range of writing for filmmakers, artists and various other changemakers.

In 2016, in response to what I saw as the overwhelming need for more in-person (and non-workplace) connection spaces for women,  I founded X Factory, an intergenerational gathering using story-sharing, guided questions, and small group conversations to cultivate deep listening, community, and connection.  Creating Q Cards in 2017 was the natural outgrowth of my mission to continue this work and to be a purveyor of personal journeys for you.

If you're interested in using Q Cards and my Q Card conversation practices to cultivate curiosity, connection, and wisdom amongst your team or group, reach out at or use the button below. I'd love to talk to you.