Hey there

I'm Deb Walsh, a social entrepreneur and community catalyst whose various endeavors include creating intimate conversation salons and personal development workshops, curating and hosting communities designed for deep listening and mindfulness; and a broad range of writing and event production for filmmakers, artists and various other changemakers.

The through line for all of the above is my love for creating experiences that foster connection, conversation, and community in a world where most of us humans feel increasingly isolated, lonely, and disconnected.  

In 2016, in response to what I saw as the overwhelming need for more in-person (and non-workplace) connection spaces for women,  I founded X Factory, an intergenerational gathering using story-sharing, guided questions, and small group conversations to cultivate deep listening, community, and connection. 

Creating Q Cards in 2017 was the natural outgrowth of my mission to help modern minds pause and reconnect -  with themselves and a larger sense of belonging in the world. I designed Q Cards to be your wingman or woman - guiding lights and mentors that get you inspired, keep you encouraged, and shine a light on your own unique hero's journey.  Q Cards help you disconnect, pause and reflect in a world that won't stop spinning. Break open a stack and crack open new thinking and new ways of seeing and being in the world. 

If you're interested in X Factory community practices or in using Q Cards and my Q Card conversation practices to cultivate curiosity, connection, and wisdom amongst your team or group, reach out at or use the button below. I'd love to connect with you. 

When I'm not spending my days as a purveyor of personal journeys, you can find me in a coffee shop having a conversation about better conversations; in a gym trying to clear my head; or at my piano making music and connecting the dots.